Working Station Ø17mm ▦18, G18

for 15 ml tubes

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Euro 9.60

"Blue Rack" is a GLW-working station made from reinforced polypropylene and is available in two heights . It can accomodate temperatures from -90°C to +121°C and is autoclavable. Blue Rack was specially designed for tubes with a diameter of up to 17 mm. Suction cups can be used to stabilize the working rack on smooth surfaces and prevent it from sliding. They can be ordered in our online store.

Working Station with a height of 70 mm (Item #: G18)
The Blue Racks are suitable for 15.0 ml Conical Centrifuge Tubes and 9 ml Blood Tubes

Technical Details
Color blue
Array 18
Compartment Size 17 mm
Tubes 15ml Tubes
Autoclavable autoclavable
Width 88 mm
Length 122 mm
Height 70 mm
Weight 0.064
Customs No. 3923 9000