Upright Freezer Racks with Drawers for Deepwell Plates

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We offer a number of stainless steel upright racks for deep well plates and multi well plate with drawers for all refrigerators and freezers. These come in varying heights which are available in our online shop. We can also make custom-sized racks on short notice upon request. The racks can be customized with mix and match drawers to fit boxes of different heights.

Freezer Racks for Multi Well Plates up to 29 mm height (U34x-series)
Suitable for 6 Well, 12 Well and 24 Well - Multi Well Plates

Freezer Racks for Deep Well Plates up to 32 mm height (K30x-series)
Suitable for Deep Well Plates

Freezer Racks for Deep Well Plates up to 54 mm height (U54x-series)
Suitable for  Deep Well Plates, Martix Racks and Micronic Racks

The drawers are removable and easy to access from the front.

Technical Details
Freezer Rack Depth540 mm
Freezer Rack Width135 mm
Box capacity18 (2x9)
Box dimensions up to86x127 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
Customs No.9403 2080
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