Upright Freezer Racks

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Upright Freezer Racks

We offer a number of stainless steel upright racks for all refrigerators and freezers. These come in a range of different standard sizes, varying in height and depth. We can also make custom-sized racks on short notice upon request.  

The upright racks consist of compartments which fit our GLW storage boxes. Our standard sized boxes with the dimensions 130 mm x 130 mm as well as larger boxes (e.g. 133 mm x 133 mm) fit in the compartments. Individual boxes can be secured in the compartments by using locking brackets (accessory Item #: V1). Locking rods can also be used to secure a vertical column of boxes (accessory Item). Please note that due to the dimensions, the locking rods and locking brackets can only be used with our GLW storage boxes.

The freezer racks are equipped with colapsable handles on the sides. Please note that the boxes can only be accessed from the side of the rack.

More Information
Rack Height N/A
Freezer Rack Depth N/A
Freezer Rack Width 140 mm
Drawers N/A
Freezer Rack Levels N/A
Box capacity 18 (2x9)
Box height up to N/A
Box dimensions up to N/A
Weight N/A
Material Stainless Steel
Customs No. 7310 2990
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