Slidebox for 30 Slides or 5 Plates

with fixing blade

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GLW Slideboxes with 30 slots for standard slides (76 mm x 26 mm x 1 mm) or 5 multi-well microplates (74 mm x 110 mm x 1 mm). Non-standard slides and cover glasses of various sizes also fit perfectly in the box thanks to our accessory product (Item #: ZK05). The box accommodates temperature ranges from -90°C to 121°C. Each box is outfitted with a snap lock lid. The boxes are available in two different materials: one in high-quality polypropylene (PP) and one in special low emission polypropylene for slides with a sensitive coating. The low emission polypropylene allows for a lower amount of outgassing than the standard material. 

The box can also be sealed from the outside and secured with a tamper evident seal. This prevents third party access to the contents (Item #: PV1, PD1, PZ1).

The GLW Slideboxes are the perfect solution for storing, transporting, freezing and autoclaving samples. 

Technical Details
Slides Capacity30 slides or 5 Plates
Slide Width up to1 mm
Height85 mm
Width41 mm
Length120 mm
Customs No.3923 1090
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