Slidebox for 25 Slides

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GLW Slideboxes with 25 slots are made of polystyrene. The box accommodates temperature ranges from -80°C to +70°C. They are an optimal fit for standard microscope slides (76 mm x 26 mm x 1 mm). Non-standard microscope slides and round micro cover glasses of various sizes also fit perfectly in the box thanks to our accessory products (Item #: ZK20, ZK25 and ZK25W). 

Each slidebox comes with slots numbered from 1 to 25 as well as a hinged cover lid. When closed, the boxes are stackable and can be secured in a stack by snapping them together. This enables the customer to save space when working or when storing the boxes. The hinged cover lid is detachable and can be removed and placed underneath the box. Due to this, the lid is not in the way and is not seperated from the bottom half of the box.

They fit perfectly in the stainless steel working racks that we offer in our online shop.

The GLW Slideboxes are the ideal solution for storing, transporting and freezing slides.

Technical Details
Material Polystyrene
Slides Capacity 25 slides
Slide Width up to 1.1 mm
Height 32 mm
Width 90 mm
Length 90 mm
Autoclavable not autoclavable
Customs No. 3923 1090