Slidebox for 10x10cm Slides and Substrates

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GLW Slidebox BK1001-series are designed for 10x10cm slides, thin layer chromatography TLC and substrates, with up to 1.5mm thickness.
It is possible to customize the box according to individual storage needs. For example, adding or removing the Height Extension Frame (item #: 1X1N) will increase or decreaces the height in 25mm steps.

The slideboxes are made from polypropylene and polycarbonate and accommodate temperature ranges from -90°C to +121°C and are autoclavable.

Thanks to the transparent lid, the contents are visible at all times.
We offer an all-black box to store light-sensitive samples.

Due to the drainage holes, the GLW box is easier to open when frozen.

Technical Details
Material PP & PC (polypropylene & polycarbonate)
Slides Capacity 8 slides or substrates
Slide Width up to 1.5 mm
Height 100 mm
Width 130 mm
Length 130 mm
Autoclavable autoclavable
Weight 0.323 kg
Customs No. 3923 1090
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