Slidebox Divider for 20 Slides, ZK20


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The GLW slide box dividers are designed to store different slides and cover glasses of various dimensions. They are specially designed to fit into GLW K25, K50 and K99-series of slideboxes and accommodate 20 slides with a thickness of up to 1.1 mm. The dividers can be inserted at any point in the box, which allows for slides of any length to fit in the box. The dividers are made of polystyrene and are not autoclavable. 

Technical information for advanced users:
If you turn the slidebox divider 180° on its axis, it is possible to fine-tune the length available for a slide in the slidebox.

Technical Details
Color grey
Material Polystyrene
Slides Capacity 20 slides
Slide Width up to 1.1 mm
Height 16.5 mm
Width 4.5 mm
Length 76 mm
Autoclavable not autoclavable
Weight 0.004
Customs No. 3926 9097
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