Payment Terms


Available for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom
Invoice payable net within 30 days.
We reserve the right not to accept the payment term "Invoice" for particular orders. We will instead refer the customer to our other payment options such as "PayPal" or "Payment in advance".


Credit Card

With our German partner VR-Payment you have the possibility to pay with credit card.


Logo 'PayPal empfohlen'

With PayPal your financial data is protected and your order is processed immediately.

PayPal offers a variety of payment methods, i.e. credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts.

Please click on the link below to sign in with PayPal: 


Payment in advance

Your order will be processed immediately following receipt of your payment in our account.

All necessary account payment information will be included with your order confirmation e-mail.