Cryobox Ø12.5mm ▦9x9

12.5 mm compartment size, 130x130 mm

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The 9x9 GLW Cryobox with molded grid is available in various heights (see below). One box holds up to 81 samples. Each square compartment in the grid is 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm. The cap size may not exceed 13.5 mm in width. The cryoboxes are made from polypropylene and accommodate temperature ranges from -90°C to +121°C and are autoclavable. Thanks to the transparent lid, the contents are visible at all times. We offer an all-black box to store light-sensitive samples. Due to the drainage holes, the GLW box is easier to open when frozen.
All natural and blue color cryo boxes have an alphanumeric code molded into grid system.

Cryobox with a height of 45-55 mm (B50-series)
The boxes were developed for 1.5 and 2 ml reaction vessels. 1.5 ml and 2 ml Eppi tubes, 2 ml sample vials, 1.5-2 ml Eppendorf Safe-Lock tubes, 3810X, 1.5 ml flex tubes, 2 ml cryovial, as well as 1.5 and 2 ml pipettes are all types of reaction vessels. 

Cryobox with a height of 52 mm (B69-series) 
The boxes hold 1.5-2 ml test tubes among others.

Cryobox with a height of 75-80 mm (B80-series) 
The boxes hold 3.6 ml cryovials and 55x12 mm test tubes among others.

Cryobox with a height of 90-95 mm (B99-series) 
The boxes hold 5 ml cryotubes and 75x12 mm test-tubes among others.

They fit perfectly in the stainless steel freezer racks that we offer in our online shop.
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The GLW Cryoboxes are the ideal solution for storing, transporting and freezing samples.

Technical Details
Array 9x9
Inserts no insert
Compartment Size 12.5 mm
Length 130 mm
Width 130 mm
Drainage Holes with holes in base
Material PP polypropylene
Customs No. 3923 1090
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