Cryobox Ø12.5mm ▦10x10

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The 10x10 GLW Cryobox with a hinged lid holds up to 100 samples. 1-2 ml cryotubes, 1.5-2 ml test tubes and 2 ml sample vials all fit in the box compartments. Each square compartment in the grid is 12.5x12.5 mm. The cap size may not exceed 13.6 mm in width. Thanks to the transparent lid, the contents are visible at all times. We offer an all-black box to store light-sensitive samples. This cryobox was specially designed with a hinged lid and a snap lock so that valuable samples can be securely transported.The box can also be sealed from the outside and secured with a tamper evident seal. This prevents third party access to the contents (Item #: PV1, PD1, PZ1). The boxes are stackable.

The GLW Cryoboxes are the ideal solution for storing, transporting and freezing samples. 

Technical Details
Array 10x10
Inserts no insert
Compartment Size 12.5 mm
Box Height 53 mm
Tube Height up to 49 mm
Length 153 mm
Width 140 mm
Drainage Holes with holes in base
Material PP polypropylene
Customs No. 3923 1090